Predicted Log Races

Predicted Log Cruiser Navigation Intro:
1. What fosters friendships and camaraderie?
2. What builds confidence in every boater?
3. What sharpens navigational skills?
4. What is an on-the-water competition?

Answer - A Predicted Log Contest!

Both power and sail boaters compete in Predicted Log Contests. The Predicted Log contest resembles a seagoing form of a sports car rally without a speedometer, odometer or clock. Or, for fliers, it is tantamount to filing a flight plan and then trying to follow the plan with only a compass and a tachometer.  A Predicted Log contest is not a speed contest. Each contestant turns in their predictions based on the normal cruising speed of their boat.  Sail boats under power have shown outstanding results in this sport. The boater with the lowest percentage of error is the winner and takes home trophies that are awarded for each event. The winner of each contest has his or her name inscribed on a perpetual trophy, which is displayed in their club until next year’s contest. In addition, permanent trophies are also awarded for series contests which are inscribed and displayed for the next year in the winner’s club. 

Seminars are held to introduce new members to the sport, along with training contests.  Predicted Log Cruiser Navigaon contests are a unique sport, where new boaters and experienced boaters alike can compete on a virtually equal basis because it is the boat that does most of the work.  Each contestant is shown how to make a speed curve for their vessel which enables them to prepare for each contest. 

Welcome to the fun and enjoyment of this national sport!  Participants look forward not only to each contest, but to the spirited award parties that follow each event.  We look forward to seeing the veteran log racers and welcoming the newcomers.
DRYC is a member of the Santa Monica Bay Power Fleet and below is a brief description of SMBPF’s predicted log contests and links to more detailed information.


2022 Schedule

Pritikin Rally TBD ´╗┐Del Rey Yacht Club
Pritikin Awards Dinner TBD Del Rey Yacht Club
Del Mar Rally to Cat Harbor Friday, August 12 Del Rey Yacht Club