President's Message

Kerry Rackliffe
2019 Auxiliary President
The DRYC Auxiliary holds special place in our yacht club. We encourage both men and  women to support and participate in wide range of activities.
Membership in the DRYC Auxiliary fosters friendship and provides the opportunity to be
involved with other members who share a common purpose. Our Group maintains
traditions created by our founders and as we grow, our organization welcomes new ideas and
challenges to be flexible as the need arises.
We are the “heart”  of the club. Dedicated members are actively involved in community outreach. We feed the local homeless, by our involvement in OPCC and SPY . We contribute  canned goods and clothing to SOVA. We also contribute to our Jr. Sailing Program in the form of donations and sponsoring scholarships  on a continuous basis.
We have our fun side as well.  Monthly activists include lunches, tours, field trips, in-house programs, luncheons, and children’s activities.
Our members operate the Ships Store, selling clothing and nautical items with the DRYC
logo. We also maintain the Ships Store’s display windows and are involved in giving
“extra touches” to our club’s d├ęcor, and beautification.  We operate our Library which has a wide variety of  books and videos for all to enjoy.
We welcome and encourage new (and old) members to join us for an monthly Membership meeting on the second Wednesday of the month (except for July & August) at
10 a.m. for a continental breakfast, followed by a 10:30 a.m. meeting. Our dues for Auxiliary membership are only $45.00 per person or $65.00 for a couple yearly.
 If you would like more information on the DRYC Auxiliary, or simply to join, please contact Arlene Mohilner, or Randi Kirshbaum or,  through the office (they can fill out a slip for you) or myself.
Come join us and experience the most out of DRYC. I hope to see you at our next meeting. We encourage “Camaraderie on Land and Sea.”