President's Message

Melanie Miller, RN, CVAHP
2023 Auxiliary President
It is my sincere pleasure to represent DRYC’s Auxiliary as President for the 2022 Term.
We have collectively experienced an unexpected disruption in life as we knew it.  We learned lessons and realized that we have strength, power, tenacity, and a nimble approach to gaining back our footing.

Just as our founding members in 1952 knew well, planning and evolving our role has kept us strong through adversity over the years. We look forward to the future.

I so look forward to educational opportunities, face to face meetings in 2022 and field trips!  Our Executive Officers are experienced, and our Board of Directors is fully vetted.  Each person brings a wealth of encouragement, clarity, and optimism.

My theme this year is to “To Listen and Learn with Patience and Friendship”. We will work hard to be inclusive and thoughtful and hear suggestions, ideas, and opinions.

We are committed to Del Rey Yacht Club and to the Auxiliary and this year, as in the past, we will shine!

Thank you for your willingness to be part of the 2023 team.

As our parliamentarian says every month and so well!

Smooth Sailing and Happy Landings.