Members and guests provide educational seminars and lectures for both on and off the water topics.  Whether it's knowing what the First Aid Kit on your boat should have, to the newest apps for your iPhone or Android, to being certified to use our moorings at Cat Harbor, our Education Committee is dedicated to getting you the information.


Below is a list of presentations and dates.  Contact the Front Office to sign-up for a class. 
2024 Seminar Schedule
(Check back for updates to added seminars)

Title Facilitator(s) Date Day/Time Room
Surviving End of Life Issues & Finances Vicki Magasinn
Rikki Barker
January 7 Saturday
10:30am - 12pm
PV Room
Sailing Safety
Avoiding Overboard Situations
Dir. Brendan Huffman
Margie Woods
January 13 Saturday
10:30am -
PV Room
iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch
Workshop 1
Birdie & Bob Feldman January 14 Sunday
10:30am -
PV Room
Chockoholics Fudge Haven
The Making & Care of your Favorite Dessert
Bonnie Blumenkrantz
Debbie Greenwood
February 3 Saturday Off-Site
iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch
Workshop 2
Birdoe & Bob Feldman February 4 Sunday
10:30am -
PV Room
Mooring at Cat Harbor Davd Ross May 4 Saturday
10:30am - 12pm
PV Room
Vessel Safety Check Day
(By Appointment)
Jeff Lamm
June 2    
What's Knot to Know:
Knots for Safety
S/C Peter Glick June 22    
Cooking on Your Boat Debbie Greenwodd June 29    
Software Defined Radio, Ham Radio, and
Hi-Def AM/FM Radio
Norm Perrson
Steve Mitan
July 14    
Let's Go Fishing:
Fishing for Newbies
Keith Lambert
Myles Blatt