DRYC Anglers are an active and integral part of the Club. The Anglers fish year-round in tournaments, derbies, fishing trips, charters and more – in local and foreign waters! Learn new skills, advance your skills or just go out and have fun, old and young alike…our Anglers offer a distinctive and different touch to Club life. 
We have 31 beautiful perpetual trophies in our anglers showcase cabinet. These trophies are awarded each year to the angler who catches the heaviest fish within each species specified. We have a weigh slip submittal program for entering your catch to be in the running for a perpetual trophy. There is almost something for everyone to win if you just get out there and fish.
Our Anglers Annual Awards Dinner and Party is a wonderful event attended by 150 members of our club who boast the event as one of the best all year.
For the last few years some of our more experienced anglers have been targeting the giant bluefin tuna that have invaded our US Waters. Some of these fish caught in our waters have been up to 350 LB. Our Anglers last year caught several in the 150 to 253 LB range.
We have fishing activities for everyone targeting many species within our local waters for the novice to the very skilled fishermen. We provide fishing mentoring opportunities for our young junior club members to fish and learn from some of our skilled anglers on club boats.
We support and mentor a summer youth fishing program for underprivileged or handicapped children on a chartered vessel.

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Happenings...Angler Chair Diaries

For a first-hand look at the fun and exciting adventures our Angler group has on their fishing trips, please click on the stories below:

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